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Power ~ Responsibility ~ Energy


Standing in Your Higher Power

Power ~ Responsibility

Higher knowledge & wisdom bring a deeper understanding of the power of your thoughts.  Your words and actions are a reflection of your commitment & disciple. No one other than yourself can be responsible for their outcome.

It is not power you are afraid of……but it is the responsibility that accompanies it’s use.

I AM YOU standing in your higher power.

Take a moment to consider the opposite of the first line above.  For example, your thoughts would be random impulsive thinking without reflection & divine guidance.  Now, apply that impulsive thinking to your words. Would your words then become impulsive, ego centered and unconscious?  Take it one step further to your actions.  What actions spring from impulsive, ego centered and unconscious human beings?

IMG_0945 copy

(From the Labyrinth Inspiration Card set)

 We are all born loving, creative, powerful beings made from the stardust of our Creator. Re-Birth your thoughts from your conscious stillness and heart center.  Infuse your words with energy directed from an expanded heart & calm mind.

From this your creations will be in service to the higher good of us all.  Humanity needs a conscious YOU!

(Written in response to the fearful, unconscious Actions taken upon the beautiful souls at the Pulse club in Orlando Florida.)