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When did I begin to doubt my life?

How many times have you doubted yourself today, just today?.  Doubted what you chose to wear, to eat, to buy or to sell. Doubted what you said yesterday.  Doubt leads us to question ourselves. If we are exploring our motivation or intention behind those decisions, (a more authentic viewpoint), we might just discover something wondrous about ourselves.  Or maybe we will discover something not so wonderful.  Questioning our decisions stirs something deep within us to respond.  And if we pay close attention to what happens throughout the day or even longer,  those responses show up in the most clever, creative and stunning variations.  Most often, not what you expected, but always perfect. So who is responding?

 “Before you ask, I am standing at the threshold of your life”  Emerging Soul Cards

When you ask yourself, ‘Is this right? Am I making the best decision?’, you invoke the response of something deep within you.  Asking is like some kind of wake-up call for your higher guidance or divinity,  that you need help or confirmation for your decision.  How often do you pause to listen in with your physical responses to your query?  If nothing happens, do you blow it all off?  Do you continue to doubt the same decision and plod forward or reverse it altogether?

I often doubted my decision while building a 32 foot diameter wooden labyrinth  in Texas while at the same time, my friend,  James Jereb PhD,  doubted building his large stone labyrinth temples named Star Dreaming in New Mexico.

We met up the other day and discovered that at those pivotal moments when we questioned our inspiration, our motivation, or our guidance to create something so far out of the ordinary, something extraordinary happens.  Let me tell you our stories and share what happened when we expressed our doubts to a high source.

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