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As you make more room for Me in your life, everything you do becomes a blessing, even to strangers you will never meet.

Your unseen acts of kindness & silent prayers are eternal.  And as they ripple across the universe, you will soon realize….

IAM Grace….Become My conduit.


When we are in alignment with our core self we are open to miracles. Alignment occurs when all of our bodies have lined up….  Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual….and we become perfect vessels for creator’s light to flow in & through us.  That living light may carry wisdom, healing energies, joy, forgiveness, grace, compassion or pure divine love. And it can be the response to our invocation or to another’s prayer. This story of awakening revolves around a hospice worker I know who was at the bedside of a dying man and became the vessel for the final wish of his lifetime.

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