As you make more room for Me in your life, everything you do becomes a blessing, even to strangers you will never meet.

Your unseen acts of kindness & silent prayers are eternal.  And as they ripple across the universe, you will soon realize….

IAM Grace….Become My conduit.


When we are in alignment with our core self we are open to miracles. Alignment occurs when all of our bodies have lined up….  Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual….and we become perfect vessels for creator’s light to flow in & through us.  That living light may carry wisdom, healing energies, joy, forgiveness, grace, compassion or pure divine love. And it can be the response to our invocation or to another’s prayer. This story of awakening revolves around a hospice worker I know who was at the bedside of a dying man and became the vessel for the final wish of his lifetime.

    My friend Nancy, a long time hospice mentor for so many professionals around the country, had been asked to accompany a nurse to the home of a dying man. His name was Oliver.  Ruth, his wife, did not feel the same way about hospice, nor of his approaching death.  His illness had come upon them suddenly and she was overwhelmed by the fear of losing him.   When she opened the door that day to the two women, she actually held up both arms in the universal sign of ‘do not enter’, hoping they would just go away.  They didn’t.

    Hospice workers are ‘called’ to their profession.  I often think they have been culled from the scores of healthcare professionals to follow a special light that only they can sense, leading them to millions of bedsides across the planet.  And once they witness that unseen threshold of this world and the next, they often discover access to miraculous encounters few of us experience. That morning in Oliver’s bedroom Nancy experienced one of those encounters.

    The nurse who had been visiting the family for a few weeks entered his bedroom first, followed by Ruth and then Nancy who found a quiet place to sit in the corner of the room not far from the family’s minister who was also been visiting the family that day.  She knew the nurse had an established relationship with the family and her only role was to witness and perhaps coach the nurse with work related insights following the visit.  Oliver was lying in bed, no longer able to walk and weak from the advancing disease.  His wife had faded into the background, silent and numb.

    Within a few moments, Nancy began to feel an odd sensation circling around her, then above her.  She did not feel alarmed, but was more curious about what was creating this sudden shift of awareness.

     As she sat in a corner chair in the shadows, what felt like a fine thread of warm energy began to fill her body, followed by a rapid sensation of ‘Mary Prayers’.  These traditional chants began to flow through her…  ‘O Purest Mary, O Sweetest Mary, let thy name henceforth be ever on my lips. Delay not, O Blessed Lady, to help me whenever I call on thee…’  One after another, these prayers were being ‘voiced’ through her body and into the room.  ‘Hail Mary, full of Grace, blessed art thou among women…’ They were audible to Nancy and she could feel them rising up within her chest and then being released through her.

I was startled when this began happening and looked around the room to see if someone noticed my chanting of these ‘Mary Prayers, but no one seemed to be aware of what was happening. The prayers just kept streaming through me. ‘Holy Mary, help those in need, give strength to the weak,comfort the sorrowful…’     I tried to stop them, even holding my breath, but the prayers were relentless and constant. I could actually feel them rolling through me.  Then as suddenly as they started, the final prayer was released and the room was filled with the most sacred presence of peace”.

    Soon afterwards, the nurse was saying her good byes and Nancy slowly stood up and began to follow them out of the room when Oliver’s hand gently reached for hers and held it until the others left the room.  His eyes were shining and with a warm smile he says to her…

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

Nancy quickly responds,  “Oh no, I don’t think we’ve ever met Oliver.  I’m from Texas, over 800 miles away.”

“No. It is you.  I’ve been praying every day and you have finally come.  Thank you, thank you, for answering my prayers for my wife Ruth.  She is so afraid.  I know I don’t have much time left, and I don’t want her to suffer when I leave.  I now know she will be fine.  Thank you.  Thank you. I Am so grateful you answered my prayers”.    

    Still holding hands, they sat together in silence & gratitude.

    Later that day, after dropping off the nurse at the agency,  she called me to share her story. Nancy was very moved by what happened that morning,  yet uncertain as to why and how it happened to her. I’m very grateful she chose me to explore this event with.

   You see, Oliver had been praying for days.  Not for himself, but for his beloved wife who was frozen with fear and unknowing about her life without him.  His selfless prayers, (and Yours) trigger the Universe to respond.  We can never determine how our prayers will be answered, or when, but we can trust that they will be answered.  It appears to me from Nancy’s story, that spirit was searching for the perfect vessel to enter into Oliver’s room that morning.  When she arrived, Spirit found the perfect pathway to fully manifest and answer Oliver’s private invocation for comfort and peace for his wife. How magnificent that Nancy was conscious to witness this first hand.

She has since been a conduit for Creator’s Grace at other bedside visits.


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