In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Daily Ritual.”

There is something about the predawn hours that gently awakens me each morning.  A presence in those silent hours beckons me to my bedroom window as if to witness the beauty of nature rising just before the sun to celebrate another day.  So I to celebrate each new day with a ritual of celebration and presence.

Shell of Icons 3 copy

To help me stay in the moment, my first thought of the morning is, “Creator, What are we going to do today?”  This keeps me in wonder and not worry about my emerging day.   Then I sift through my seashell filled with tiny icon’s.  Each one, from items of nature to Mexican Milagros, has a special meaning.  Ladybug & sacred geometry, humming bird & joy, leapfrogs mean standing on someone’s shoulder to see beyond illusion etc. etc..  This morning it is the Bumble Bee, my icon of ‘everything is possible!”.     I set this sweet symbol of abundance in view for the rest of my day to remind me that I am guided by a wonderful presence that greets me each morning.



2 thoughts on “Silent Presence in the Morning

  1. mnstone1

    Rebecca, there is such beauty in your words. You created a space of tranquility and peace in my mind as I read them. Today especially this passage was so very meaningful to me as I embark on a completely new adventure in my life!
    Sending you love.


  2. Dayle Marshall

    Thank you Rebecca. This fire that we have gone through has really impacted us emotionally. We are blessed to have home and business safe but the fire was massive and to see the results is beyond words in regard to our friends losses and the impact all of this has had on us all. I need the uplift of your messages over and over again as we have had 3 near fires since July 30th.
    Thank you, thank you.


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