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OFFERING…For the new year

The Offering card is very reverent and when read slowly & mindfully, it stirs something deep within. There are many many images in its message. Responsibility. Intention. Service. Humility. All beautiful gifts we humans can share with the world.

We are standing upon the threshold of a new year. And we also stand upon the threshold each new day, hour, or moment. However, the end of December creates pause for reflection and review. It is an opportunity for us to create a new beginning, a better way, or maybe a ‘do-over’ for a poor choice. We often equate January as a momentous beginning, a starting point, or time for new commitments. So what are you willing to clear out from this past year in order to make room for a better one? What are you considering as an offering for your burning bowl?

‘wrap these gifts with your purest intention

Will the smoke from your offering cleanse an old wound? Will it bring kindness to another or patience to an elder? I’d like to think an offering of forgiveness might spark a burning bowl to flare up, while an offering to share with others who are seeking food & shelter, could fuel a burning bowl for a hundred nights.

place them with reverence

Today I viewed a short story about two elderly men who volunteer every week in a neonatal unit. They show up to cuddle and coo over babies who have been born sick and abandoned. While gently holding an especially sick child, one of these grey haired angels whispered, ‘These sick little babies need human touch. They need to feel loved. But I think I receive more from them than they do from me’ 

I think he is right. Serving others with humility, either through our words or actions, serves us far more than we can ever measure.



When did I begin to doubt my life?

How many times have you doubted yourself today, just today?.  Doubted what you chose to wear, to eat, to buy or to sell. Doubted what you said yesterday.  Doubt leads us to question ourselves. If we are exploring our motivation or intention behind those decisions, (a more authentic viewpoint), we might just discover something wondrous about ourselves.  Or maybe we will discover something not so wonderful.  Questioning our decisions stirs something deep within us to respond.  And if we pay close attention to what happens throughout the day or even longer,  those responses show up in the most clever, creative and stunning variations.  Most often, not what you expected, but always perfect. So who is responding?

 “Before you ask, I am standing at the threshold of your life”  Emerging Soul Cards

When you ask yourself, ‘Is this right? Am I making the best decision?’, you invoke the response of something deep within you.  Asking is like some kind of wake-up call for your higher guidance or divinity,  that you need help or confirmation for your decision.  How often do you pause to listen in with your physical responses to your query?  If nothing happens, do you blow it all off?  Do you continue to doubt the same decision and plod forward or reverse it altogether?

I often doubted my decision while building a 32 foot diameter wooden labyrinth  in Texas while at the same time, my friend,  James Jereb PhD,  doubted building his large stone labyrinth temples named Star Dreaming in New Mexico.

We met up the other day and discovered that at those pivotal moments when we questioned our inspiration, our motivation, or our guidance to create something so far out of the ordinary, something extraordinary happens.  Let me tell you our stories and share what happened when we expressed our doubts to a high source.

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All that springs from the heart is prayer.

No sacred text or special posture is required of me.

When my heart, mind, & body align in shared intention,

there is sudden room for your gifts.

IAM the answer to your Prayers.               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

There is a painful mystery hiding in me.  So deep, yet it stretches to the surface. Years have passed as I’ve searched for its origin, yet it eludes me. My near drowning in the ocean woke it up like a sleeping Poseidon. He bellowed, “What is it you want that you wake me in such a manner?”   Near death I whispered…

“To drop what I hold so fiercely in my grasp which anchors me to this ocean floor. To just let go.”


As I begin my stem cell implant next month for my injured hip, I ask you to share this prayer with me.  There are souls who create healing space for others and you are one of those. It is through our shared intention with the energetic healing pattern of my stem cells that will assist in the miracle of healing.

Each of you has witnessed a miracle in your life.  It is with that memory, that feeling, that I ask you to envelope this prayer.  I love you for doing this for me, and for others who need your help.

Prayer for Release

This illness, this injury…I pray for revelation.

This tether to healing has weakened… I Pray for strength.

This sangre, which flows… I Pray for vitality.

This recovery, which follows… I Pray for each step.

This lesson, now revealed… I allow its release.








Higher Knowledge

Higher Knowledge

It arrives like an unannounced gift at your door step.                                                   Words & phrases once parroted become alive within you.  Ancient texts, once hidden, now burst with revelation and guidance.                                                             You may ask, ‘How is it that I suddenly know these things?’

Make room for Me as you decide what to keep and what to discard as you embody these gifts of wisdom I have revealed to you.

I AM the messenger & when you are ready, you are the recipient


          There is a Zen proverb that reads:  What you seek, is seeking you.  

I wonder how many times I have searched for meaning to an event in my life, only to fall short of its illusive wisdom. How many times have I pounded my fists and cried out, ‘What is my purpose?‘ and then pause only to hear an echoed silence.  Why don’t we ‘hear’ Creator’s response?   Perhaps we are waiting for words that will never come. Perhaps those divine answers come to us via images, dreams, and even the absurd.

I think about that Zen wisdom now and apply it as a template over this story about my grandmother’s death in 1970 and it’s threaded connection to my Egyptian trip in 1996.      The Messenger visited and unknown to me at the time, I was ready.

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As a concern rises within you, restless thoughts tumble through your mind, pulling you farther away from what you are seeking.

Over & over this repeated pattern attracts momentum & illusions as you search for impossible answers, until these thoughts occupy that which was meant for ME.

Be still and make room for MY ceaseless whisper.

IAM fearless and so are you.

I’m afraid in this moment.  Usually I’m adventurous, strong and confident as I move through my day.  Not today, nor yesterday either.  I find myself slipping into deep sadness and fear again.  On a good day I’m reverent, mindful,  quiet and content.  But not on a fearful day.  On fearful days I work at keeping the tears below the surface and my negative thinking at bay as I struggle to stay out of spinning stories about what may happen in the coming month of May.  The month my beloved daughter Alex has her second heart valve transplant.  Another run at her surviving.

14 years ago she had her first aortic valve replacement. It involved cooling her body to low temperatures, slowing her major body functions, in order to link her to a heart-lung bypass machine that kept her ‘alive’, while a cardio thoracic surgeon worked on her still, motionless heart.

Sometimes it’s best not to know so much….it gives the mind too much to work with.

14 years ago I knew the procedure was life threatening, so I removed her from the residential deaf school she was attending prior to her surgery and spent as much time as I could with her.  She thought we were committing some kind of spring hooky from school and jumped at the chance to leave the campus.  I didn’t share with her how afraid I was of loosing her.  I was trying to be brave for her.  Thing is, she turned out to be brave for me.                        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We were driving down a quiet country road on our way into town on a visit to her favorite video store.  She had a hot twenty dollar bill in her pocket and she was excited.  Somewhere along that wooded stretch of hill county,  I began to silently pray.  Holding tightly onto my steering wheel, I began my invocation.  Sometimes a whisper of words would be released,

“Beloved Creator, how I love this silly, deaf child next to me.  She asks so little of me, but gives me so much.  I ask that you give me strength so I can be strong for her.  That you fill me with wisdom so I can help her understand & please please help me not to be afraid of losing her.”

My mind was pushing the words out of me as if my body was over crowded with images  of loosing her.  The fear of my life without her was a strong current, and I was being swept away by it.

When suddenly, out of no where, this profoundly deaf child turns to me and tugs on my sleeve.  Looking up at me she begins to sign to me:

“Momma, I know that I have to go to the hospital”.

I thought to myself, ‘how could she know what was praying about, and how I was feeling’.  She could not have heard my ‘mothers’ plea ‘.

“First Momma, they put a mask on my face and I will fall asleep”  Her arms falling apart in a dramatic gesture of passing out. She then continues to sign to me with her thumb starting at her throat and moving slowing down the center of her chest, “Then the doctor will open my chest and pull out my heart.”  She follows that with a funny kid like gesture of fixing her heart and puts it back into her chest.

With one eye open to show me she is still asleep on the operating table, she signs another smaller incision with her thumb on her upper left side that demonstrates the removal of her pacemaker and insertion of a new one.

I was mesmerized and had to stop the car on the side of the road.  I didn’t want to miss one hand movement of her story.

One by one, she gestures the slow stitching up of her chest opening….watching me with her one eye open to make sure I was watching.  With the final bow tie near the throat, (Funny how kids demonstrate serious stuff so innocently) she shows me they remove the gas mask and the biggest smile bursts across her face..

“Then Momma, I am ALIVE!”

I hold her gaze for the longest time and reach out to hold her hands.  From somewhere deep within me I sign back to her,

“Alex, are you afraid to die?”

Thinking over her mother’s question…. a question we moms should never have to ask our kids, she replies.


“Momma, my angel told me this.  ‘First Alex, a trumpet will sound your name.  And when you hear your name, you will be called to stand beneath the most beautiful column of white light.’

“Then my angel told me, ‘There Alex, you will see God.’

“Momma, I’m not afraid to die.”

Her story was the answer to my prayer.  She was not afraid.  I was.  She was strong and confident, I wasn’t.

As I slowly returned to the road thinking of what just happened.  Of how she was inspired to share with me this profound story following my prayer.  I realized she was the answer to my prayer.

She was fearless.

Coming closer to an intersection to town, she tugged at my sleeve one more time and said to me with the most beautiful smile,

“Momma.  No trumpet, No die.”

(Written & published on Easter morning.  A time of reflection on death and rebirth. )



I’m told to let go of ‘it’.  To drop ‘it’ completely.  To release what is holding me back so I can heal and move forward with my life. Is what I hold on to, my belief, creating my reality?  And most importantly, if I discover the ‘it’, the belief that is creating what I don’t want in my life, will I be able to yank that insidious root from my psyche myself?

This is the story of human courage, family lineage and hope while facing death.  A journey for my older brother & for myself as we both discover the ‘it’ in our lives.

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Make Room for Me as you let go.

Drop all expectations or desired outcomes, for they stand in My way.

Release to Me any doubts that arise or fears that take over &

Allow ME to consume all things mortal until…

IAM all that remains.

Release sounds like an easy thing to do.  Just let go, right?  How many times have we heard someone say to us, ‘Just let it go and move on’?   They may be asking us to let go of our anger or our need to control. Grief & regrets can linger for a lifetime.  Then, they might be pointing at our judgement & stubborn need to be ‘right’ at all cost.  Speaking of letting go….the past can really get a grip on our lives and set us up for repeated patterns. These old patterns (wounds) keep us returning again and again to the same event, only disguised as a new version of the original wound. And then we arrive at the same tiresome theme of  “Just let go!”

Ask yourself, ‘WHO needs to let go and HOW do I release?  What part of me, in spite of the pain and suffering, continues to hold onto anger, judgement, regret and grief. ‘    Don’t go for the easy answer.  Dig deeper.

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Power ~ Responsibility ~ Energy


Standing in Your Higher Power

Power ~ Responsibility

Higher knowledge & wisdom bring a deeper understanding of the power of your thoughts.  Your words and actions are a reflection of your commitment & disciple. No one other than yourself can be responsible for their outcome.

It is not power you are afraid of……but it is the responsibility that accompanies it’s use.

I AM YOU standing in your higher power.

Take a moment to consider the opposite of the first line above.  For example, your thoughts would be random impulsive thinking without reflection & divine guidance.  Now, apply that impulsive thinking to your words. Would your words then become impulsive, ego centered and unconscious?  Take it one step further to your actions.  What actions spring from impulsive, ego centered and unconscious human beings?

IMG_0945 copy

(From the Labyrinth Inspiration Card set)

 We are all born loving, creative, powerful beings made from the stardust of our Creator. Re-Birth your thoughts from your conscious stillness and heart center.  Infuse your words with energy directed from an expanded heart & calm mind.

From this your creations will be in service to the higher good of us all.  Humanity needs a conscious YOU!

(Written in response to the fearful, unconscious Actions taken upon the beautiful souls at the Pulse club in Orlando Florida.) 

Legacy ~ Lineage. A Mothers Day Salute



Legacy ~ Lineage


    There is a story I sometimes tell myself.  That before my birth, my incarnation, I was standing on the edge of this universe with our creator.  Together we carefully reviewed my choices for this lifetime and the infinite possibilities that lay before me. I could see the electric patterns of my soon to be mother & father and the many growth opportunities they would provide me.  I was reminded that my lifetime was not only about myself, but also about the souls I would encounter along my path.  Then, my creator leaned in very close and whispered to me….. “Your life will also serve countless souls you do not see….choose wisely”.   

     On this Mother’s Day, allow yourself to acknowledge your ancestors…. your lineage through the mother, and the vast repetitive pattern that echoes through her. For it is now cycling through you and being born again in your lifetime.  Honor her unrealized dreams by manifesting yours. Recognize her sacrifices through your achievements and extinguish any regrets by  living your life each day to it’s fullest.  Stand upon her shoulders and you will be in awe of how far you have come and grateful for her legacy.






Initial words & actions may trigger pain & anger.

Holding on to their memory creates endless suffering for all of humanity.

Make room for Me

& the generational healing that follows when you forgive yourself & others.

IAM the Holy realignment that follows

The true act of forgiveness is one of the most powerful achievements a human being can attain in this world.  It is the grand achievement that the great mystic & teacher Jesus was hoping to inspire within each of us.  It is an act unlike anything else in the human experience because forgiveness not only serves you and your trespasser, but it also serves humanity.

What act of forgiveness is waiting to unfold within your life?  What powerful steps are you about to take in your life that will raise all of us higher?  I know you can do it because I did.

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