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Legacy ~ Lineage. A Mothers Day Salute



Legacy ~ Lineage


    There is a story I sometimes tell myself.  That before my birth, my incarnation, I was standing on the edge of this universe with our creator.  Together we carefully reviewed my choices for this lifetime and the infinite possibilities that lay before me. I could see the electric patterns of my soon to be mother & father and the many growth opportunities they would provide me.  I was reminded that my lifetime was not only about myself, but also about the souls I would encounter along my path.  Then, my creator leaned in very close and whispered to me….. “Your life will also serve countless souls you do not see….choose wisely”.   

     On this Mother’s Day, allow yourself to acknowledge your ancestors…. your lineage through the mother, and the vast repetitive pattern that echoes through her. For it is now cycling through you and being born again in your lifetime.  Honor her unrealized dreams by manifesting yours. Recognize her sacrifices through your achievements and extinguish any regrets by  living your life each day to it’s fullest.  Stand upon her shoulders and you will be in awe of how far you have come and grateful for her legacy.