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IAM your liberation


Each Day, as you allow more of Me in,

you will hold on to less & less.

Your limiting thoughts, desires & old beliefs

fade like a dream that slowly dissolves particle by particle.

Fearlessly you come to experience…..

IAM your liberation.

The word detachment holds an interesting meaning beneath our daily use of it, often hidden from us until we actually experience it’s state of being.  Just think of the many ways we think we can detach from loneliness, outcomes, suffering, illness, boredom, hurtful words & actions, even death.  But ask yourself, where do you think those memories & feeling’s are stored?  What does it mean to really detach from an event or a belief?  And what magnificent action follows the state of being ‘detached’?

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Make room for Me…. For Love, throughout your day.

As your heart center warms, radiance beyond measure spills over

& blesses all beings I send your way.

Like the highest string of a fine violin, your love will move others to reach for our melody.

Hear me softly singing to you…..

IAM all that your are….. LOVE.


Is there any subject that has been written more about than love?  There are love poems, love songs & love letters. Epic novels of sweeping love stories or photo journals of our love for animals and nature.  This story is about a Valentine that resurfaced the day before my beloved’s funeral.  A story of love that binds two souls:  One living & the other, only days before, killed in an accident.

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