IAM your liberation


Each Day, as you allow more of Me in,

you will hold on to less & less.

Your limiting thoughts, desires & old beliefs

fade like a dream that slowly dissolves particle by particle.

Fearlessly you come to experience…..

IAM your liberation.

The word detachment holds an interesting meaning beneath our daily use of it, often hidden from us until we actually experience it’s state of being.  Just think of the many ways we think we can detach from loneliness, outcomes, suffering, illness, boredom, hurtful words & actions, even death.  But ask yourself, where do you think those memories & feeling’s are stored?  What does it mean to really detach from an event or a belief?  And what magnificent action follows the state of being ‘detached’?

Writing about Detachment is a complicated task.  I’m flooded with memories of events that I remained attached to for many,many years.  So much un necessary suffering I created for myself and others by holding onto what I thought was right, or my belief that something was ‘done’ to me.  I don’t mean to discount events that happened…..such as abuse, bullying, loss, or chronic ongoing disease, it’s just time to take a closer look at what has happened in my life from a higher view point.

In the moment that something negative occurs to us, our first reaction is probably to blame someone.    We may feel victimized, discounted or rejected. Lord knows we can create all kinds of emotions and stories around an event.

I remember believing that if I were skinnier, wealthier, prettier, you name it, then my life would be so much better.  Geezzzz, I didn’t have teeth that were white enough nor straight enough. I hadn’t made enough or saved enough money to survive the coming doom, and according to the  US News, a report on what made people cool….. well, I just wasn’t  cool enough either.  Years of external efforts & resources to change my physical aspects were choking the joy out of being just me.

I was attached to what my external world was presenting to me & deaf to my internal whispers….. numb to my nudging compass….. blind to the symbolic images that my I Am self was sending me daily.  Until one day I was forced by a life circumstance to stop.

What are your attachments?  And what will it take for you to detach, unhook & slow down?

 More of the story coming……..

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1 thought on “Detachment

  1. Jeri Davis

    Really great although I didn’t go to the link because I was too attached to work and stressed.

    Jeri Davis, President Jeri Davis International Healthcare Consultants & Recruiters Office: 901.763.0696 Cell: 901.833.8667


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