Download Free Set.

Now you can refer your friends, family, or clients to this link to produce their own free set of the         Emerging Soul Cards.  Create a Emerging Soul Circle to work with them.  You will find miraculous answers waiting within you!


     2015 Emerging Soul Cards 1 of 2

   2015 Emerging Soul Cards 2/2

Downloading your free set of the Emerging Soul Cards is done in two files.  See above.  This may take a little bit of time.  Be sure to save them on a flash or thumb drive for printing.  Using your home printer may produce poor results and you will be much happier is you use a local printer like Kinko’s etc. to have them printed.  More vibrant color, clearer text, and use heavier paper too!  I have seen them on glossy paper or Velum which produced beautiful results.      I’m excited you will have your own personal set to work with.

1 thought on “Download Free Set.

  1. Rebecca Winters Rodriguez Post author

    I’m so excited to have the Emerging Soul Cards now available for FREE! No other set like them on the planet….. and all created for you. Share with friends, family and clients. Please tell me what you think:)


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