Make Room for Me as you let go.

Drop all expectations or desired outcomes, for they stand in My way.

Release to Me any doubts that arise or fears that take over &

Allow ME to consume all things mortal until…

IAM all that remains.

Release sounds like an easy thing to do.  Just let go, right?  How many times have we heard someone say to us, ‘Just let it go and move on’?   They may be asking us to let go of our anger or our need to control. Grief & regrets can linger for a lifetime.  Then, they might be pointing at our judgement & stubborn need to be ‘right’ at all cost.  Speaking of letting go….the past can really get a grip on our lives and set us up for repeated patterns. These old patterns (wounds) keep us returning again and again to the same event, only disguised as a new version of the original wound. And then we arrive at the same tiresome theme of  “Just let go!”

Ask yourself, ‘WHO needs to let go and HOW do I release?  What part of me, in spite of the pain and suffering, continues to hold onto anger, judgement, regret and grief. ‘    Don’t go for the easy answer.  Dig deeper.

3 thoughts on “Release

  1. Marcia

    Wow, I so loved this. Given the fact we are living in such a precarious time on earth with so much uncertainty and fear surrounding us which breeds anxiety, reading these words allowed me to stop for the moment and feel the release. There is such peace in letting go. I think all of humanity right now is so very tired of the burden of fear and hate that seems to dominate and affect lives all over the planet. Your words “Allow ME to consume all things mortal until…
    IAM all that remains.” are profoundly true.


  2. Dailey, Mary Jo

    Have a great weekend!
    I hope to finish reading it too, it didn’t post under continued reading.
    Thank you for including me!
    Hugs and blessings ~ mj


  3. Herb

    Hello Rebecca, love this post…. It’s me elle from nj… Wanted to read whole post, but the rest did not come up.

    Considered coming to Santa Fe this winter (looks like it’s snowing there today)…i’m heading south tomorrow.

    I see “Release” from 2 sides…as i had had to view and process this very difficult (and painful) issues in my life… First…i forgave… Recently i accepted and “let it go” It’s not necessarily “good”… It is alright tho….for now !

    Would love to read all your post !

    Be well, be warm, be safe…be happy 👋🌈⭐️☀️💕💁 Good wishes *elle

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