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56 contemplative cards & short stories on awakening to assist the birth of your Divine self during these extraordinary times.




When you are ready, more of what is occurring beneath the surface of your life will be revealed.

Unseen energies & alchemical processes are constantly taking place.

Your conscious participation is now more vital than ever before.

What is mysterious to you cannot be explained by the mind alone,

but is interpreted through the awakened heart.

Allow the winds of the unknown to part the veil, if only for a moment, so you may see….

IAM the Mystery and You are the Mystic.

We all carry stories about our lives, our families, childhood, our friends & our lovers. I have carried a story about my parents for 40 years and another about my first love for 30. There are photos of my stories stashed somewhere deep within me as a some kind of ‘proof’ that they are true and undeniable.  Who creates the story around the events in our lives?  And who is just watching….silently observing?

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As you make more room for Me in your life, everything you do becomes a blessing, even to strangers you will never meet.

Your unseen acts of kindness & silent prayers are eternal.  And as they ripple across the universe, you will soon realize….

IAM Grace….Become My conduit.


When we are in alignment with our core self we are open to miracles. Alignment occurs when all of our bodies have lined up….  Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual….and we become perfect vessels for creator’s light to flow in & through us.  That living light may carry wisdom, healing energies, joy, forgiveness, grace, compassion or pure divine love. And it can be the response to our invocation or to another’s prayer. This story of awakening revolves around a hospice worker I know who was at the bedside of a dying man and became the vessel for the final wish of his lifetime.

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Daily Ritual.”

There is something about the predawn hours that gently awakens me each morning.  A presence in those silent hours beckons me to my bedroom window as if to witness the beauty of nature rising just before the sun to celebrate another day.  So I to celebrate each new day with a ritual of celebration and presence.

Shell of Icons 3 copy

To help me stay in the moment, my first thought of the morning is, “Creator, What are we going to do today?”  This keeps me in wonder and not worry about my emerging day.   Then I sift through my seashell filled with tiny icon’s.  Each one, from items of nature to Mexican Milagros, has a special meaning.  Ladybug & sacred geometry, humming bird & joy, leapfrogs mean standing on someone’s shoulder to see beyond illusion etc. etc..  This morning it is the Bumble Bee, my icon of ‘everything is possible!”.     I set this sweet symbol of abundance in view for the rest of my day to remind me that I am guided by a wonderful presence that greets me each morning.



Endurance ~ Initiation of the Sacred Heart



When you wake this morning & ask

“How much more is required of me?”

“How deep is my soul’s reservoir & what is my tender heart’s capacity?”

Know This.

Peace will engulf you when you are ready to release that which no longer serves you.

IAM the thorn which pierces the ♥Sacred Heart.

           A mystic once told me “Rebecca, endurance is part of your life path….revealing many life lessons for you…. and for others.”     Let’s just say I wasn’t very excited about this disclosure. I was sure my lessons of endurance were behind me when I sat before him years ago.  Who would intentionally choose endurance as a life path?  Certainly I meant a life path of Excellence, or Endearment, or my all time favorite, Ease & Grace.  Not happening.  Those life paths were being traveled by more fortunate souls.

         But as I read this morning the wisdom within the words of this Endurance Card and it’s powerful closing line:  IAM the thorn which pierces the Sacred Heart….   The symbolic images within those lines sparked my awareness and I have a sudden deep appreciation of this life path.

What are the ‘thorns’ over the years that have pierced my protected heart?  Fear of bleeding, or grieving, or releasing broken dreams.   And what gifts of wonder were revealed to me upon its initial piercing?

                                        It was the initiation of the sacred heart.

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     The single snowflake becoming the ocean.  A tiny seed containing the entire canopy of a giant oak tree. And the grain of sand becoming a luminous pearl.  Each silent act of perfection reminds me that…..

I AM You becoming Me & we are perfect.    

The closing line of this Perfection Card, I AM You becoming Me & we are perfect.’ best defines the intention of the Emerging Soul Cards.  Perhaps it best defines the journey of our lives.  We have been told through the ages that we each carry the ‘Light of God’, the ‘ Spark of Divinity’, or the ‘Source of all there is’.  But why don’t we remember who we are?  Why is this so elusive…… or is it?

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An unimaginable reservoir of creative potential constantly surrounds you.

Each thought you bring forward ignites a series of outcomes until

the one thought you hold the longest magnetizes all that is required

to birth it into the world.

Make room for me

as you determine which of your beliefs will spark the universe to rush forward.

IAM the oyster shell in which you create the pearl.

Several years ago I was walking the labyrinth at the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, California. At that time I was serving on the board of Directors of Veriditas~ The Worldwide Labyrinth Movement. My 3 years working alongside Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress and a group of 11 devoted board members was very rewarding for me.  As a board, we always walked the labyrinth together & the synergy of that group often magnified my walks, loosening  powerful images and insights which would bubble to the surface before I exited.

Veriditas Walk at IONS

The labyrinth at IONS is created with stones which outline the 12 circuits leading to its center.  It was along one of those paths that a repeating message began to emerge.  A message that soon exploded into hundreds of metaphors……..

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That which is one with all


That within you which seeks Union.  The inspired energy that vibrates beneath

each heartbeat

and can do no harm.

Your true self that is never sick, wrong, unforgiving or separate.

Make room for this magnificent light to radiate beneath each foot step, every touch,

behind all thought, for you will recognize….

IAM the part of you that is one with All.


     Soul….the part within me that is part of the greater whole.  Soul…the part in you, in Ghandi, Motzart, Joan of Arch, or a stranger across the room.  We all share the same origination (birth) & destination (union).  What happens in between is our own peculiar, crazy, magnificent journey.   This story is about the soul of  my daughter Alex, who was born with a significant heart defect & is profoundly deaf.   The part of her that is one with me, you and all there is.

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IAM your liberation


Each Day, as you allow more of Me in,

you will hold on to less & less.

Your limiting thoughts, desires & old beliefs

fade like a dream that slowly dissolves particle by particle.

Fearlessly you come to experience…..

IAM your liberation.

The word detachment holds an interesting meaning beneath our daily use of it, often hidden from us until we actually experience it’s state of being.  Just think of the many ways we think we can detach from loneliness, outcomes, suffering, illness, boredom, hurtful words & actions, even death.  But ask yourself, where do you think those memories & feeling’s are stored?  What does it mean to really detach from an event or a belief?  And what magnificent action follows the state of being ‘detached’?

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Make room for Me…. For Love, throughout your day.

As your heart center warms, radiance beyond measure spills over

& blesses all beings I send your way.

Like the highest string of a fine violin, your love will move others to reach for our melody.

Hear me softly singing to you…..

IAM all that your are….. LOVE.


Is there any subject that has been written more about than love?  There are love poems, love songs & love letters. Epic novels of sweeping love stories or photo journals of our love for animals and nature.  This story is about a Valentine that resurfaced the day before my beloved’s funeral.  A story of love that binds two souls:  One living & the other, only days before, killed in an accident.

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Giving & Receiving

I AM Both the giver & the receiver
                          Giving & Receiving  
  Today I give freely without expectations….unaware that as I give I receive beyond measure from a benevolent universe.  Today, I open to receive what is being offered, aware of my gratitude to the love which radiates from my heart back into the circle of life.                                                                                                          
I AM both the Giver & the Receiver of a loving Creator.
Giving and Receiving appear at first to be separate acts.  For example, one person may appear to be giving their time, resources, or full attention to someone.  Perhaps you are sharing your unconditional love for a child, patience for a clerk, or a smile for a stranger you pass in an airport.  What happens when we give to one another?  What ripples do we create in our Universe when we share our authentic selves with one of God’s creations?  

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