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When you are ready, more of what is occurring beneath the surface of your life will be revealed.

Unseen energies & alchemical processes are constantly taking place.

Your conscious participation is now more vital than ever before.

What is mysterious to you cannot be explained by the mind alone,

but is interpreted through the awakened heart.

Allow the winds of the unknown to part the veil, if only for a moment, so you may see….

IAM the Mystery and You are the Mystic.

We all carry stories about our lives, our families, childhood, our friends & our lovers. I have carried a story about my parents for 40 years and another about my first love for 30. There are photos of my stories stashed somewhere deep within me as a some kind of ‘proof’ that they are true and undeniable.  Who creates the story around the events in our lives?  And who is just watching….silently observing?

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