When you are ready, more of what is occurring beneath the surface of your life will be revealed.

Unseen energies & alchemical processes are constantly taking place.

Your conscious participation is now more vital than ever before.

What is mysterious to you cannot be explained by the mind alone,

but is interpreted through the awakened heart.

Allow the winds of the unknown to part the veil, if only for a moment, so you may see….

IAM the Mystery and You are the Mystic.

We all carry stories about our lives, our families, childhood, our friends & our lovers. I have carried a story about my parents for 40 years and another about my first love for 30. There are photos of my stories stashed somewhere deep within me as a some kind of ‘proof’ that they are true and undeniable.  Who creates the story around the events in our lives?  And who is just watching….silently observing?

  There is a wildlife refuge about 2 hours from Santa Fe, New Mexico, where tens of thousands of migrating birds come to rest during their annual journey.  New arrivals from the north join an even larger multitude of bobbing geese on the lake below until there appears to be one massive blanket of white.  It is interesting to watch how each group arrives and fills in a patch of blue water…while other birds quickly adjust & make room for them.  Like a gathering of ‘Texans’, they somehow know each other & slide over on a picnic bench to give a stranger a seat.

The Coyote and the Geese (1)

An interesting thing about massive colonies of birds… they may arrive in separate groups, but they often leave together…. especially when they feel threatened.

This afternoon a father & son were quietly photographing the beauty of the refuge.  Both of them were amazed at the sheer number of geese on the lake this time of year and began snapping photos when suddenly the entire multitude of birds lifted off the lake.

The Coyote and the Geese (3)

The sound of 5000 geese honking and wings flapping filled the landscape as they hovered collectively above the water. They didn’t fly off….. they hovered.  Perhaps they were not quite ready to leave and it was a false alarm from a jittery new arrival.  The photographers, with their eyes pressed to their cameras, were clicking away, unaware of the story they were capturing.

It must be a predator.”  The father remarked,  “Massive bird ‘blast offs’ usually occur when something really spooks them.”  Both the father and son put their cameras down for a moment and scanned the now vacant lake just below the hovering birds.  Was it something in the water? Or the shore line?

Putting his camera back to his eye, the son soon finds what startled the birds. Pointing in the direction of the shoreline he remarks, “There it is!”.  A feeling of relief filled both of them as they realized all of the birds escaped the teeth of a large stalking coyote. Quickly they raised their camera and began shooting again.  Click, click, click, a rapid succession of frames speed by of the birds, the water, the predator in the distance.  A story builds within them of how 5000 birds escaped the menacing coyote.  Hurray!  The defenseless birds are safe…… Until..

(Look closer within the center of this photo)

The Coyote and the Geese (2-1) crop close

Until the young son adjusts the camera lens for a closer look at the big bad coyote. There, in the young man’s expanded view, is a more revealing photo of the pursuer. A truer picture of what was occurring and his story abruptly changes.  His heart begins to soften.

 “Look Dad. There is something wrong with the coyote.  He is not walking but stumbling.”

Focusing with an even stronger camera lens, his father looks closer and is astonished when he sees the coyote’s condition.  There, in the water is a limping, 3 legged coyote, desperately trying to catch a day’s food.  It was obvious to them both that he must have survived a trapping device that severed his front leg.  To them, he was no longer a vicious predator, but a wounded animal just trying to survive in a cruel world.

The Coyote and the Geese (5)

The photographer told me this story and shared his photos. He also shared with me how he and his son reflected on the speed with which the story changed when their hearts were touched by the coyote’s condition…when initial unseen aspects of what was taking place were revealed to them through their cameras…and through their awakening hearts

  The Mystic sees the world with compassion.  There is no other story taking place.

On this Valentines Day 2016, make room in your heart for a new viewpoint of the stories you carry about another.  For YOU are the mystic.

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6 thoughts on “Mystery

  1. Dayle Marshall

    Thank you Rebecca. I feel like the coyote, having just lost a breast to surgery, but recognizing that life goes on in a fuller awareness of what is truly important and real. The coyote’s hunger is real and she will find new ways and greater strength to fulfill her need for food rather than giving up. I also will be looking at life in a new way and with gratefulness to be here, like her, and continuing within the “graces of life” to truly relish breathing, creating and fulfilling my own calling.


  2. bigrowdy

    Bravo…well told, love the story and life lesson. Nature is amazing, truly! Each and every time I take time to pay attention …to observe and not just witness, but participate I leave with a ‘gift’. What wonderment surrounds us all in the natural world….for us all to marvel, appreciate and to learn from.


  3. mnstone1

    I love how this story unfolds and the lesson it teaches us. Your words always inspire me and in so many ways, offer such a beautiful perspective of life’s meanings!


  4. Emily Simpson

    Just beautiful Rebecca… I LOVE your cards Hope you’re well and happy Emily x

    Emily Simpson 0439 934 283 Sydney Labyrinth Facebook Pinterest

    On 15 February 2016 at 03:00, Emerging Soul Works ~ Short Stories

    Liked by 1 person

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