The single snowflake becoming the ocean.  A tiny seed containing the entire canopy of a giant oak tree. And the grain of sand becoming a luminous pearl.  Each silent act of perfection reminds me that…..

I AM You becoming Me & we are perfect.    

The closing line of this Perfection Card, I AM You becoming Me & we are perfect.’ best defines the intention of the Emerging Soul Cards.  Perhaps it best defines the journey of our lives.  We have been told through the ages that we each carry the ‘Light of God’, the ‘ Spark of Divinity’, or the ‘Source of all there is’.  But why don’t we remember who we are?  Why is this so elusive…… or is it?

      Years ago I was in Chartres France on an unknown & mostly unplanned pilgrimage to my sacred self. The journey revealed so many auspicious aspects to my ‘inner workings’ which I was not consciously searching for, or so I thought.     One of those internal questions came up for me while listening to a man teaching a group of us about sacred geometry.  I was a part of large workshop held within Chartres Cathedral and an important subject when ever visiting this magnificent temple, is the cathedral’s large Rose Window and the accompanying stone labyrinth upon the floor.  This cathedral holds so many layers of symbolic imagery and mathematical genius, it becomes the perfect alchemical space for exploring the science of geometry and it’s relationship to the sacred…… both within ourselves and without.

     During his lecture of the fibonacci sequence in nature and examples of the ‘golden ratio’ and how this all related to the cathedral and sacred geometry, I kept hearing an inner repeated question, “What makes geometry sacred?”   I mean after all, the perfection of nature existed long, long before there were any religions to ordain it ‘sacred’.    I wanted to raise my hand and ask,  ‘Just what is Sacred geometry?  Not the regular triangle and square stuff from high school geometry class, but things like seashell spirals, sand dollars & roses.’ ,  but since I was sure everyone else already knew the answer, I kept my question to myself. ‘ What makes geometry sacred?’


      That night in Chartres France I fell into a dream. I was a small barefoot child dressed in a bold colored jumper standing in some kind of vast landscape that made me appear even smaller. My little hands were positioned on my hips, like a demanding 5 year old, and I was  looking upward into a massive light.  What can only be described as a brilliant spiraling light form, there was a knowing within my little self that this was the being in charge….. this was God.  Unrevealed, but omnipresent. All encompassing yet intimate and fully present for me. With all the punch that a 5 year old can deliver I asked God “What is Sacred Geometry?”

     God then brought forward and placed before me a tiny, single ladybug. It was a shiny red, almost metallic color with perfectly formed black dots on it’s wings. God said to me in a gentle voice, “Isn’t she pretty?  Isn’t she perfect?” And then after a short pause God asked me, “Now do you understand what sacred geometry is?”      I silently shook my head back and forth and boldly said…… ‘No’.

                                            images               ladybug_604

    God then pulled my ‘lens view’ out a bit and I could see that the small ladybug was now perched upon a bright yellow sunflower.  Her slow movement along each tiny petal drew my attention into the sunflower.  I could almost feel what it was like to be a sunflower.  God then asked me, “Is not this flower beautiful?  Is not this flower perfect?………. Now do you understand sacred geometry?”  Still standing with my hands on my hips and shaking my pouty face back and forth I said…. ‘No’.

Ladybug on single sunflower

    With the swift movement of a commanding hand, my lens view was again expanded and I could see a dozen bright yellow sunflowers.  Upon each one of them was a tiny, bright red ladybug moving slowly along the petals.  God patiently asked me again, “Are these flowers not beautiful?  And are they not perfect?…………then giving me pause to consider the question God continued……..Now do you understand sacred geometry?”    This time with less attitude and a bit more humility, my child self softly answered, ‘No.’


    Within seconds, I was standing in a great field of sunflowers.  From every direction all I could see were thousands of sunflowers raising their sunflower faces towards the sky.  The sun breaking the horizon amplified the magnificent golden color that blanketed the field before me.  There upon the multitude of sunflowers, were tiny red and black ladybugs. Each one exactly like the other…… slowly transversing the petals of their own private universe.

    God again asked me, “Isn’t this beautiful?    Isn’t this perfect?………. And now do you understand what sacred geometry means?   I responded……’Yes God”.

  • Field of Sunflowers

      Could we be like a beautiful ladybug exploring our sunflower in a vast universe of perfection? Each one of us unique yet the same? Alongside each other in a vast field of potential, finding our own unique way to the center.

Like the repetition in nature’s spiraling expansion, we too are created in the image of God’s beauty and perfection.  And like the ladybugs in the vast field of beauty……….IAM You becoming Me and we are perfect.

3 thoughts on “Perfection

  1. Dayle

    Rebecca, a perfect message for the day after our best friend’s gathering of all who loved her so deeply. Our Bobbi passed and her Texas family and chosen family celebrated her life last night on the new deck of her little house on our property. It was awash with the Sacred and immersed in love. Thank you for your timely gift.


  2. Jill

    These messages always come at the perfect time! Have been thinking of my Santa Fe family often! Sending blessings and love! Jill


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