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That which is one with all


That within you which seeks Union.  The inspired energy that vibrates beneath

each heartbeat

and can do no harm.

Your true self that is never sick, wrong, unforgiving or separate.

Make room for this magnificent light to radiate beneath each foot step, every touch,

behind all thought, for you will recognize….

IAM the part of you that is one with All.


     Soul….the part within me that is part of the greater whole.  Soul…the part in you, in Ghandi, Motzart, Joan of Arch, or a stranger across the room.  We all share the same origination (birth) & destination (union).  What happens in between is our own peculiar, crazy, magnificent journey.   This story is about the soul of  my daughter Alex, who was born with a significant heart defect & is profoundly deaf.   The part of her that is one with me, you and all there is.

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