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Giving & Receiving

I AM Both the giver & the receiver
                          Giving & Receiving  
  Today I give freely without expectations….unaware that as I give I receive beyond measure from a benevolent universe.  Today, I open to receive what is being offered, aware of my gratitude to the love which radiates from my heart back into the circle of life.                                                                                                          
I AM both the Giver & the Receiver of a loving Creator.
Giving and Receiving appear at first to be separate acts.  For example, one person may appear to be giving their time, resources, or full attention to someone.  Perhaps you are sharing your unconditional love for a child, patience for a clerk, or a smile for a stranger you pass in an airport.  What happens when we give to one another?  What ripples do we create in our Universe when we share our authentic selves with one of God’s creations?  

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