All that springs from the heart is prayer.

No sacred text or special posture is required of me.

When my heart, mind, & body align in shared intention,

there is sudden room for your gifts.

IAM the answer to your Prayers.               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

There is a painful mystery hiding in me.  So deep, yet it stretches to the surface. Years have passed as I’ve searched for its origin, yet it eludes me. My near drowning in the ocean woke it up like a sleeping Poseidon. He bellowed, “What is it you want that you wake me in such a manner?”   Near death I whispered…

“To drop what I hold so fiercely in my grasp which anchors me to this ocean floor. To just let go.”


As I begin my stem cell implant next month for my injured hip, I ask you to share this prayer with me.  There are souls who create healing space for others and you are one of those. It is through our shared intention with the energetic healing pattern of my stem cells that will assist in the miracle of healing.

Each of you has witnessed a miracle in your life.  It is with that memory, that feeling, that I ask you to envelope this prayer.  I love you for doing this for me, and for others who need your help.

Prayer for Release

This illness, this injury…I pray for revelation.

This tether to healing has weakened… I Pray for strength.

This sangre, which flows… I Pray for vitality.

This recovery, which follows… I Pray for each step.

This lesson, now revealed… I allow its release.








7 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. mguzzino

    Rebecca, I’m here in DC with Barbara and we’re sending you Light and love. So sorry to hear you are having challenges. We will certainly pray for you. Please keep us posted. Much love, 🌺Molly

    Molly H Guzzino

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  2. Dayle Marshall

    Rebecca,June, what a perfect month to begin your revelation. I am sending you strength and vitality to mesh with your own.  Each arduous step will hold your release and I know you will be grateful for it. I have great faith in your process because of my faith in your understanding of it. I will sing with you as you move through this lesson God bless this passage, precious soul

    Dayle Marshall Chippendale Engraving/iSpiritual Company P: 707 755-0194

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  3. Jeri Davis

    I will pray for you with a full heart and believe very deeply in creating a space of healing.
    Amazing things continue to happen. One was related to you yesterday which blew my mind in its synchronicity. Just finished writing a book of poetry. here is one from you from my angel authors.
    Thank YOU
    Thank you for sharing
    your inner star
    So delicate and pure,
    it takes my breadth away
    And I breathe in your love.

    My heart opens to you in love and prayer.

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