Surrender ~ Threshold of Initiation


This is the first card of the Emerging Soul Cards. I didn’t plan it this way….it emerged one day while I was nearing completion of the 56 card set.  In a most wondrous way, the cards began to form triplets, or as I call them, triunes.  I even took a photo at the exact moment that began to happen back in 2011 while staying at the home of friends in Lower Lake, California. I took that photo because I knew something extraordinary was happening in front of me on that kitchen table.

As the final arrangement of the Triunes were nearing completion, It occurred to me there would be two cards left over. There were a total of 56 cards  and simple math showed me two would stand alone…. not belonging in a triune.    Was I supposed to write one more so it would be ‘right’ ?

No” came to me loud and clear.  “They will become the beginning and the end of your journey.”  

Images flooded my mind…. Death and Rebirth, the Fool & the World cards of the major arcana, Ying & Yang, mother/father/child.  But this metaphoric journey before me felt different.  It felt  real, alive, relevant, & the possibility of healing on a deeper level than I had ever experienced.  I could sense an ancient calling bubbling up to the surface within me to allow something greater than my mind/intellect to guide my life.  Something far more authentic.  Is this the path to my self actualization, to union with the Beloved?  Could this be the second coming that ancient spiritual texts allude to?  For this is what was revealed to me within the Emerging Soul Cards:

“I AM you seeking Me.  And when we find each other……”

Surrender.  Most of us think it means “giving up” on a hopeless situation, throwing in the towel and walking away, or extinguishing your dreams because they haven’t manifested yet .  Absolutely not, no way, nada nada enchilada.  Surrender is allowing.  Allowing your heart to expand and feel what is over whelming you instead of hiding it within your being.  It is Allowing your heart to burst, to explode and shatter those tight rubber bands of defense you have been wrapping around it.  It is facing the obstacle or offense head on.

Surrender is letting go of your need to figure it out, heal it, make it better, or make it go away. It is the exact opposite.  It is embracing your pain, your loss, your rejection, your illness. Embody it fully,  breath it & grieve it, so you can finally rebirth it in the present moment.  Then my friend, you will feel the most alive you have ever felt.  The most empowered, and the most free.

It is the releasing of the grip of fear when big life challenges are placed before you.  It is bellying up to the bar and ordering another round, so your can burn away all bits and pieces of any regrets. Until nothing is left for you to fixate on and keep your ‘story’ going.  No scar left to begin building a false belief.  Your done.

And so begins your Initiation into Surrender…..and the mastery of your emerging soul.

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