Arrival ~ Threshold

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Stepping onto the threshold of this moment, my mind is swept away by the unfathomable calculations my soul has arranged for me to be here now.   Standing in awe of absolute perfection, I fill with gratitude that I have awakened before the final nightfall. My hand now reaches for another who makes room within for You.

IAM That IAM who reached for your hand.


I remember thinking  ‘How did I get here?’   the first time this happened to me.  It felt like being pulled through a secret doorway and then suddenly left alone, standing in a most wondrous room.  I arrived without being announced….. yet I knew I belonged to that moment and it was far more familiar to me than where I had been.


Being present, here and now, takes my breath away.  If feels like the space between the in breath and the out breath. Such stillness yet vibrancy … I require nothing.

However, standing within the still point takes some effort at first.  Moving even an eyelash forward of the moment sends me rushing into the illusion of the future.  While tilting back so much as a wordless thought plummets me to my past.

Who am I when I’m not the past ‘me‘ nor the future ‘me’?

Standing on this threshold I feel so present, observant and expanded beyond my usual 5 senses.  A deep sense of peace settles around my shoulders, while I explore the simplicity of all that stretches out before me.  I am removed, detached from everything. No words struggle to define what this or that is.  Simple awareness. This is who IAM…..the present ‘me’.

My heart fills with gratitude as I realize I’ve arrived …….  fully conscious, awestruck, and silent.

How long will my ‘stay’ be this time.  I just arrived and wish to linger longer than the last visit.

Oh damn!  That wishful thought.     It popped me out again.

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3 thoughts on “Arrival ~ Threshold

  1. Carolyn Meek

    When I received these through Marijon, I couldn’t stop reading , feeling enriched, affirmed, peaceful,
    And one with our journey in all its multitudinous forms . The timing is perfect for me now. Your gift of sharing, remembering and being here with us now is deeply appreciate and goes beyond words. Carolyn Meek


  2. Kay Lundquist

    Being present in the moment is so difficult sometimes. My mind can wonder so easily, mostly about the future. What’s next?? One goal, at present, is to make sure I focus on what a person is telling/showing me, and not think about my response until I’ve heard her/him fully, or stopped and experienced what they wish to share. It’s a courtesy I sometimes lack.

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  3. MJ Dailey

    As one of my students said last week: “that is so deep on so many levels”…. beautifully written and inspiring. I certainly look forward to many more! Blessed Be my friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tomorrow! XOXO love MJ

    Liked by 1 person

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